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Name of Service:

CEO Partners Business Builders Program

Who is this for?

• Intellectual Visionaries looking to start a new business
• Existing CEO’s looking for operational infrastructure and back-office support to expand an established business.
• CEOs that waste precious time & money using manual systems to operate their business.

Why would someone need this service?

Business system infrastructure is our specialty, and we provide the organizational structures, technology tools, and standard process documentation to help small business owners create, construct, and cultivate new business ventures.

What are the features?

CREATE the Foundational Framework.
• Define the Business- Build the business model framework to transform your thoughts and ideas into a physical concept.
• Fund the Business- Outline a budget to determine the funding size needed to launch the business venture and identify solid financial resources that offer the capital to get started.
• Legitimize the Business- Determine the legal entity for the business and register the business with state and federal agencies.
• Design Business Implementation Plan- Define an overview, distinct work plan, and resources needed to implement the launch of the business.

CONSTRUCT and Install the Operational Insulation.
• Install foundational computing information technologies such as operating systems, databases, security tools, communication tools and content management platforms.
• Integrate key systems to coordinate the activities of the business.
• Document business policies and standard operating procedures.
• Identify and position physical resources to create value offering and proposition to the business.
• Final walk through and testing of the entire operation in preparation of official launch.

CULTIVATE and Execute the Official launch of the business!
• Open the new business to the public.
• Troubleshoot and solve functional issues with business operations.
• Offer productivity tools and techniques to improve or develop operation’s efficiency.

What are the benefits?

• Full-Service Business System Installation: a complete one-time installation of business system infrastructure systems and administrative processes to prepare your business for takeoff.
• A designated CEO Partner consultant who will deliver individual guidance to initiate, plan, implement and execute a new business launch the right way.
• A precision-engineered operational blueprint designed to deliver solid operational efficiency and generate high-powered productivity as soon as the doors open.

Name of Service:

Business Operations Management Services

Who is this for?

Existing small business owners or independent contractors looking for routine support to manage business operations.

Why would someone need this service?

• If the business is lacking the human resources or experienced expertise to effectively manage the operations of a business.
• If a business is looking for trusted professionals to manage one or more parts of their business so they can focus on generating revenue.
• If business is looking for a strong business liaison who can handle difficult business situations on their behalf with the tact and diplomacy to get the best results.
• We have got a talented team ready to take over the workload of your daily business activities efficiently running smoothly.

What are the features?

• Executive Level Administration Support
• Project Management
• Meeting Representation/ Proxy
• Contract Administration
• Human Resource Management
• Business Mediation & Negotiations
• Travel Management
• Fiscal Management and Reporting
• Accounting & Payroll System Setup

What are the benefits?

  • A team of trusted and experiences CEO partners and leaders who will understand the business goals, implement an action plan, and execute the functional activities to ensure effective, productive, and smooth operations.
  • A structured work plan and timeline of work activities to be completed on a recurring basis.
  • Unlimited consultation support calls by appointment.
  • One fixed pay rate to allow small businesses the adequate support they desire to accommodate their budget.
  • A Contractual Commitment is required.

Name of Service:

Executive Level Administration Support

Who is this for?

Business professionals, independent contractors, small to medium size companies, the general public

Why would someone need this service?

• In search of a team of experts who provide an extra set of hands to handle basic to complex administrative activities.
• In search of notary services from a dependable source that will conveniently come right to the customer.
• A mortgage lender or title company in search of a professional certified loan signing agent to visit their clients and notarize loan documents.
• In search of assistance with processing business-related government applications
• In search of polished business letter or resume written with appealing tone, style, and vocabulary. • Have a rush job to meet a deadline and need some help!
• Do not have time to make important phone calls during the workday?
• Need someone you trust to deliver important documents in the local Maricopa area?

What are the features?

• Appointment Scheduling
• Bookkeeping Services
• Business Disputes Liaison & Mediation
• Business Income Tax Document Preparation
• Business Writing/Content Creation
• Domestic/International Travel Coordination
• Electronic Records Clean-up & Organization
• Email Ghost Writing & Management
• Internet Research
• Invoice, Payment & Claims Processing
• Manual to Electronic Records Conversion
• Mobile Device Contacts Syncing
• New Business Entity Setup & Filing
• PDF to Excel Conversion
• Personal or Business Contacts Syncing
• Policy & Procedures Development
• Presentation Design
• Promotional Materials Design
• Resume Packet (Cover Letter, Resume & References)
• Scan to Email or Cloud Storage
• Social Media Marketing
• Spreadsheet Design
• Visual Presentation Design
• Minority Business Certification Application Preparation

Name of Service:

Mobile Notary Public Services

You have the documents, and we will bring the stamp to you!

Licensed, Bonded and Insured Mobile Notary Public and Certified Loan Signing Agent serving the Valley and surrounding areas in Maricopa County, Arizona with witnessing signatures on official documents and loan packages.

Convenient Scheduling and Same Day Service!

Name of Service:

IT Desktop Software Setup & Training

For Existing Clients

Have a new desktop but not sure how to set it up? Just installed a new software but need guidance to navigate and setup?  Looking for the latest business systems recommendations to increase business productivity? 

Our critical thinking solution experts are here to provide onsite, virtual desktop/web-based software setup, issues on a users’ computer, and the company’s networks, phones, and printers. Facilitate individual or team training and limited technical guidance and support.

Name of Service:

FIX IT Support Calls

  • Scheduled phone calls used to instruct and guide clients on how to integrate simple systems into functional areas of their business to develop and gain structure and productivity.
  • Instruct/Guide clients on how to integrate and operate desktop or web-based software.
  • Remote access into client’s PC to troubleshoot program/files challenges

Name of Service:

Credit Building and Restoration

Who we Are

The Credit Savior powered by Goodson Management Group is a credit advisory and wealth generating source that delivers financial literacy coaching & credit solutions that focus on protecting personal and business finances for long-term growth and stability.

Problem We are Solving

Over 68 Million Americans have a credit score less than 600. Your credit score is your spending and repayment report card. Poor credit can result in expensive fees, higher financing and perhaps prevent you from being employed.
Close up hand sign contract on document business agreement success concept

How Can we help?

Our partnership with United Credit Education Services (UCES) saves you money and secures your financial future. Enrollment in the Protection Plan Membership includes online services plus education on how to restore, organize and protect your financial welfare – not just fix your credit.

How Do I Start?

1. Book an Appointment online for a Credit Repair Consultation. (shown below)
2. Enroll in the UCES Protection Plan.
3. Activate your membership & start saving money!!!

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