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Chief Executive Officer

About Me
Hi, I am Valencia Goodson, a Baltimore native with a passion for leading, inspiring, and motivating others toward positive change and results in life and in business. As a wife, mother, grandmother, serial entrepreneur, and community leader, I love working hard for my family, myself, my clients, and my community.

I strive to bring persistent energy and an infectious smile to everything I do, while fighting off disorganization because it kills productivity and success. I currently reside in Arizona with Antoine Goodson, the amazing man I am lucky enough to call my husband, partner, friend, and hero. I am the proud mother to a daughter and two sons. I go by Boo-Boo to my two-year-old grandson, TJ.

In my spare time, I can be found spending time with my family and catching up with friends. I love to travel as much as I can. When life gives me a little stress, I cure it with some retail therapy and a good karaoke song. O, one last thing….I may live in Arizona, but I am a die-hard Baltimore Ravens fan.

About my Professional Background
I earned my Master of Management degree with a concentration in Project Management from the University of Phoenix. Over the last 20 years, I have traveled the world building a diverse portfolio of projects, programs, and processes in a variety of industries, businesses, and organizations from American Express Global Business Travel, Marriott International to Arizona Department of Transportation, and everything in between.

I am obsessed with building business systems, driving process improvement, and generating solutions to problems where none seemed to exist; it brings me complete joy and a sense of accomplishment. My first independent project was in 2004 when, my husband and I started our first family business, Goodson National Trucking Company. I served as Chief Operations Officer, focusing on developing infrastructures, policies, and functionality to allow the company to succeed and grow, which it is still thriving today.

My Why
When we started our trucking company, there were many days that I felt like I had a mountain of responsibilities, everything was top priority and not enough support to get them done. I am trying to hire drivers to generate more revenue, design promotional ads, process payroll, create instructional processes and everything else! No one day was ever the same and I always felt like if only there were 8 more hours in this day and 1 or 2 more people to support this operation, I could breathe.

It was these challenges as an entrepreneur that was the foundation of why I decided to build this partnership business; to integrate solid operating business systems and management support to strengthen and move CEO’s forward more efficiently and productively. So, in 2018, I founded Goodson Management Group, a CEO Partners Network made up of project managers and critical thinkers that create, construct, and cultivate foundational business systems in small business operations.


Let us Chat
So, if you are a CEO and you are feeling alone, overwhelmed, or stuck in your business, Goodson Management Group is just a phone call away! I look forward to being your business companion and getting you back to what you do best, being the visionary that you are!

What We Do

  1. CEO Partners Business Builders Program
  2. Business Operations Management Services
  3. Executive Level Administration Support
  4. IT Desktop Software Setup & Training
  5. FIX IT Emergency Support Calls

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