Who Are We?

    Welcome to Goodson Management Group, your trusted partner in navigating the complexities of the commercial trucking industry. With over two decades of firsthand experience owning and operating a successful trucking company, we understand the unique challenges faced by fleet owners, independent owner-operators, freight brokers, and logistics companies.

    At Goodson Management Group, we specialize in providing comprehensive virtual administrative support tailored to your specific needs. Whether you’re juggling motor carrier or fleet document processing, tax preparation and administration, or other administrative tasks, our dedicated team is here to streamline your operations and simplify your workload.

    With our ala carte or VIP membership plans, you can choose the level of support that best suits your workload and budget. Whether you prefer a customized package of services or prefer the VIP treatment with exclusive perks and priority access, we have a solution for you.

    Let us leverage our decades of industry experience to handle the administrative details, allowing you to focus on the road ahead. Experience the peace of mind that comes with knowing your administrative tasks are in expert hands. Partner with Goodson Management Group today and drive your business toward success.

Who Is This For?

  • Fleet Owners and Managers who struggle with inefficient route planning, vehicle tracking, and communication, need assistance to streamline operations and optimize fleet performance.
  • Independent Owner-Operators who face challenges in managing administrative tasks, maintaining compliance with regulations, and coordinating load assignments, and need assistance to enhance productivity and business management.
  • Freight Brokers who encounter difficulties in matching shipments with available carriers, tracking shipments in real-time, and managing documentation, needing assistance to facilitate efficient logistics coordination and improve customer satisfaction.
  • Logistics Companies encounter complexities in coordinating multi-modal transportation, optimizing supply chain workflows, and ensuring timely deliveries, and need assistance to streamline operations and enhance overall logistics management.

Who Is This For?

  • With two decades of experience managing motor carrier fleet operations, we bring first-hand knowledge and attention to detail to all administrative tasks.
  • We help you prepare, process, and even deliver commercial motor vehicle administrative documentation on your behalf to operate your commercial trucks or fleet.
  • You can rely on our flexibility, dependability, and reliability to efficiently handle tasks while you’re on the move.


Á La Carte

Make a selection from the individual services below

Provides third-party commercial motor vehicle services, offering expertise in document processing and regulatory filings to support motor carriers in maintaining operational efficiency and regulatory compliance.


  • Duplicate Request
  • Cab Card Corrections


  • Registration
  • Replacement Plates



  • Title and Registration
  • Title Correction
  • Duplicate Title Request


  • IFTA/IRP Account Creation & Changes
  • IFTA decal replacement
  • IFTA license renewal
  • IFTA Bonds
  • Fleet and IRP Registration Renewals


Prepare and electronically file annual tax form to the Internal Revenue Service.
Prepare and file quarterly fuel tax reports, to ensure accurate mileage tracking, fuel purchases, and calculation of taxes owed, simplifying the reporting process and reducing the risk of errors or penalties.
Our trucking virtual assistance service offers expert tax preparation and report filings, including financial data extraction and categorization to ensure accuracy, compliance, and maximum savings for trucking businesses.
Customized quick guides for truck operations processes, offering concise and easy-to-follow instructions to optimize efficiency and ensure adherence to industry standards.

Route Runner Gold Membership

Introducing Route Runner Gold, the pinnacle of efficiency and VIP treatment in commercial trucking virtual assistance. With specialized access to our elite team of administrative action takers, members experience unparalleled support and priority handling of administrative tasks. Enjoy first preference treatment and a host of exclusive VIP perks designed to elevate your trucking operations to new heights of success.


Motor Carrier Services (Admin Fees waived)

Form 2290 Tax Filing (Admin Fees waived)

Quarterly Fuel Tax Reporting (Admin Fees waived)

Tax Reportings (10% discount)

Freight Billing & Invoicing ¹

Phone Call Follow-Ups ²

Email Management ³

Document Digitization and Storage

3 Trucks or Less

For individuals with 3 trucks or less

$ 250 / mo

4 Trucks or More

For individuals with 4 trucks or more

$ Varies

¹ Freight Billing & Invoicing - Offering streamlined freight billing solutions, that handle the entire billing process for shipments, including rate calculation, invoice creation, payment processing, and reconciliation, reducing administrative burden for trucking companies.

² Phone Call Follow-Ups - A dedicated customer service team that follows up with clients after delivery to ensure satisfaction, address any concerns, and gather feedback to improve service quality, and maintain strong client relationships.

³ Email Management - We manage email communications efficiently on a daily basis, ensuring timely responses, organization, and prioritization of messages to streamline operations and enhance productivity.

Document Digitization and Storage - We scan, digitize, and organize paperwork documents into electronic formats like bills of lading, invoices, permits, receipts, maintenance records, etc. Cloud-based storage solutions securely store and categorize documents, providing easy access to drivers from their mobile devices.


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As a Wealth Management Entrepreneur, I am always on the lookout for good investments. The Fleet Partnership Program caught my eye because it offers solid returns, requires minimal effort, and comes with great industry insights from Antoine and Valencia. The experience has been straightforward and reliable, delivering what was promised. Good communication keeps me in the loop about any changes. Despite industry fluctuations, the program has yielded continuous profit gains and maintained a consistent stream of passive income over the past two years. I confidently recommend it to anyone, emphasizing its reliability as the key factor in my endorsement.

Rod McKinnis Founder & CEO of Macc IV Group

I have had an exceptional experience with Goodson Management Group LLC. Their wealth of knowledge provided me with valuable information I didn't realize I needed. They have become an essential part of my business, and I plan to consistently use and recommend their services.

Eric Chandler Founder & CEO of Onyx Transportation LLC